Olympic Hervasa Group offers consulting and management services to outside organizations that share our mission of enhancing the aging experience for residents.

Our Executive Team has developed proven strategies for success in the senior-living industry with blue print material ready for development so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

We offer a variety of services ranging from marketing and sales consulting to development and full management of a retirement village and healthcare centre. We work with clients to evaluate operations, examine management practices and develop a customized plan that will improve census and operational efficiency across the board.

Our expertise comes from extensive operational and management experience from working with the shareholders and the operational, management and development teams of three leading South African operators. We also evaluate trends from overseas, particularly the Australasian models, where over 5% of the populations of Australia and New Zealand live in care and retirement villages.

Our range of expertise extends from land and planning appraisal and initial feasibility studies, through to the specific and required operational models for each site. This includes:

  • Demographic analysis
  • Public consultation
  • Branding
  • Operational structures
  • Room and building specifications
  • Design development
  • Procurement and care community concepts being taken from evolution through to delivery.

An overview of our services includes:

  • Business purchase and sale advice
  • Site feasibility and land appraisals
  • Demographic analysis
  • Planning feasibility and probability analysis
  • Planning strategies to optimise value
  • Public consultation and how to win local support
  • Design detail and components of the village
  • Rental versus sales models and the village mix
  • Community facilities – what is essential and what isn’t
  • Landscaping and amenities
  • Designing villages to maximise value
  • Land purchase/ JV structuring/ deferred land payment
  • Execution strategies for buying and selling village sites.

We strive to be a leader in the aged care and retirement village market, tapping in to 20 years of experience and with the support of an experienced team and board, which includes six non-executive directors.

The breadth of what we offer to developers and residents on one site is unique in the retirement market as it is a holistic one stop shop with a valuable blueprint design - which means developers don’t need to start from scratch. This underpins a strong ongoing demand for our offering through different economic cycles – we are not just a ‘lifestyle’ village offering, but are focused on meeting our seniors’ needs. We structure our unique designs in well-established urban residential locations, supported by strong demographics.

Company objectives:

Our mission is to establish Olympic Hervasa Group as a leading management and consultancy group for those who are serious about providing accommodation and services for the retired population. Our goal is to enter into long-term relationships with small to medium developers and institutions.

Within the first year of operation, Olympic Hervasa Group achieved cross-racial and cultural links by way of raising Elder Awareness across the economic infrastructure within South Africa. It is envisaged that local and international business will become involved by way of funding and sponsorship of short term and day care centres within the townships of major cities.

We consult with developers on what, where and how to build the perfect retirement and healthcare development with all the needs of the clientele being met and efficiently managed.


Olympic Hervasa Group delivers professional operational management services in architecture, urban design and interiors within the retirement and healthcare industry. We help organisations create innovative places, communities and buildings that improve the quality of life for seniors.

We create spaces with a unique purpose. We call these specialised environments and they are fundamental to the way in which we run our business. This environment is not determined by size, place or typology, but rather by context and client/ user expectations. We believe innovation should respond to context and that context can take many forms - a tight urban site, a limited budget, a complex group of board members or complex operational requirements to mention a few.

Our vision is to understand the needs of our clients and through education, research and global best practice, create innovative and enduring solutions for them.


  Management Skills

  • Locally-sourced, focused expertise.
  • Associated offices throughout South Africa.
  • Comprehensive, certified quality, health and safety systems underpin day to-day practice.
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure to assist in the efficient management of projects.
  • Structured reporting methodologies, to promote clear and timely feedback on crucial issues to the client.


Financial Management

Olympic Hervasa Group’s in-depth experience in the building of Retirement and Healthcare Developments – and in particular our knowledge surrounding project viability – is of immense value when assisting clients with budgetary issues.

From the outset, we manage the design process to ensure clients have a realistic assessment of costs, timeframes and risks. We can advise knowledgably on the client resources required (including time, personnel and equipment).

Importantly, we provide honest and accurate feedback on project viability and what can realistically be achieved within budgetary constraints at all stages.

Systems are put in place for immediate communication when budget issues arise in order for them to be quickly resolved without impact on the building progress.

We cover all areas of development advice and guidance:

  • Architectural planning and design
  • Town planning and rezoning advice
  • Feasibility studies of highlighted areas
  • Legal document advice and structuring
  • Scheme advice and layout
  • Services structuring and management i.e. catering, housekeeping, nursing, maintenance, gardening, security and financial management
  • Healthcare and layout design
  • Budgets and levy structures
  • Sales and marketing planning
  • Interior design and equipment allocation.

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