The Olympic Hervasa Group owns an upmarket and sophisticated hotel style healthcare centre for seniors and is one of the few organizations that can supply expertise and staff to provide a holistic person centered care healthcare service.

  Our Healthcare Facilities

Doordrift Lodge offers residents first class healthcare facilities. There are four levels of care which are provided to all residents at Doordrift Lodge:

  • Full time frail care apartments for up to 40 residents. Suites are monitored 24-hours per day, with panic buttons for summoning assistance. Application is also being made for a sub-acute licence in order to provide medical aid funded step down care for those needing temporary hospitalisation to recover from operations or serious conditions of ill health.
  • Rehabilitation apartments for those recovering from operations. We change dressings, monitor healing and health progress, and provide occupational therapy sessions for our residents.
  • Daily nursing sister clinic is also available for your coughs and colds or checking things like dressings, blood pressure, for injections and insulin levels.
  • Mid-care or assisted living apartments for minimal medical care. This is ideal for residents not well or strong enough to get to the daily nursing sister clinic, who would like these services in their own apartment at a nominal cost. Our professional care givers will also be available to help with any other physical needs like showering, dressing, home cleaning, laundry or meals.

In a well-managed retirement village all levels of care are required and should be available not only in the healthcare centre, but also in the comfort of residents’ homes. For example:

  • Access to 24-hour emergency panic and support infrastructure.
  • Support from the healthcare centre in the comfort of residents’ homes when required.
  • Full primary healthcare
  • An available bed for 24-hour care within the healthcare facility once care in the comfort of residents’ homes is not possible.
  • Help and support with daily Occupational Therapy activities for residents in the village, healthcare or assisted living.

We also offer a range of specialized services within the healthcare environment to developers of retirement villages, as well as to the trustees and boards of the specific entities. Read more

We always strive to create a place that feels like home

We create an environment with a strong sense of community that is welcoming for friends and family. The Olympic Hervasa Group can help you implement wonderful programs, systems, procedures and structures that really enhance your residents’ quality-of-life within the boundaries of your costing structure and budgets.


We continuously strive to build a reputation of quality and excellent care

As the population of seniors increases, it becomes more and more vital to have a well-thought-out care and wellness plan and program. We have designed specific solutions to care for our seniors and to assist them, as well families and staff, to cope with the everyday needs and pressures that affect us all. Independence for us is vital and keeps seniors active socially, so we have designed a number of bio kinetics and Occupational Therapy programs that encourage and enhance mental alertness as well as provide opportunities for senior social interaction.


Medical Nutrition Therapy optimizes the health of residents

We offer internal and external wellness packages to residents, employees, seniors in the neighbourhood and surrounds to help them stay on top of their health issues. We also manage special nutritional and wellness needs through healthy lifestyle and eating habits.


Responsible eco-friendly behaviour and management is a gift to our grandchildren

We promote eco-friendly suppliers and give priority to networks that are local. Our business model contributes towards local and regional economic development and growth, and this helps reduce harmful emissions resulting from the transportation of goods and services.

The Olympic Hervasa Group has a Better Tomorrow Plan  and senior community-based responsibility


Reduce costs, balance budgets and ensure the stability of your senior community

The challenging economic environment today means that seniors struggle to afford the type of quality care they deserve on a daily basis. The challenge for most facilities is providing seniors with the highest possible quality of life while staying within budget –and we strive to find ways to do this.


Management of energy consumption

Our management and system solutions continuously keep energy consumption to a minimum by enhancing retirement development efficiency and residents and staff comfort.

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