Homes and Villages associated with Olympic Hervasa have the option to make use of our service providers of which provide professional care givers who are there to assist with housekeeping and laundry.

The Olympic Hervasa Group is based on quality aged care. We have outsourced services that cover all the following areas within a senior retirement community:

We have taken the time and invested in specialized senior care systems comprising of the following areas:


  • specialized cleaning protocols and systems
  • specialized linen and clothing management
  • sterol cleaning programs and technologies for high risk areas
  • comprehensive safety, quality and risk management action plans


  The most common reasons for outsourcing your retirement development services are:

  • High Overhead costs
  • Lack of control within the development
  • budget constraints
  • Non-performance of current contractors
  • ever increasing cleaning and laundry costs
  • Human Resources challenges with staff
  • low levels of expertise to manage the facility


  What can we offer you as a holistic solution?

  • A tailor-made housekeeping and laundry service that will be designed around your prescribed operational requirements
  • Flexibility and local supervision
  • a specialized management team that keeps up-to-date with industry trends
  • no high head office costs
  • high level purchasing practices from local suppliers
  • NO buying manuals restricting cost management
  • NO rebate systems that will increase the cost of service
  • target driven management and skilled staff that are motivated and passionate
  • an upfront agreed financial annual budget for your service requirements
  • annual increases only
  • specialist industry experience with a large client base
  • a choice of contract options: Full Risk, Fixed Fee, Management Fee (cost plus)
  • focused and no nonsense approach with a dedicated mind-set to the job at hand
  • the personal touch for us seniors in line with our mission and core values
  • specialized staff training and upliftment programs at our off-site training facility
  • high level buying practices with no hidden costs
  • a non-performance clause in our contract which kicks in if you are not satisfied with service standards
  • Specialized accountants and auditors with a sound track record.

  Our Management Fee Agreement solution

The Olympic Hervasa Group provides our partner with a holistic turnkey Solution for the housekeeping, and laundry service. This solution includes a tailor-made option at the discretion of our partner depending on his needs and wants:

  • Sundries Procurement solution
  • Stock control solution
  • Budgeting and cost management solution
  • CAPEX solution and upgrades


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