Retirement Village & Healthcare Development and Management

(HERVASA) is a section 21 company for the benefit of retired persons and the Retirement Industry. It was founded by its present ten board members who did a survey and found that there was a desperate need for an information centre where senior citizens can call or view on a website and receive information with regards to specific retirement developments within an area of South Africa. We found that the New Zealand, Australian, British and American market had a tremendous support base and information centre where senior citizens could get help and information on where to retire within each country. For this reason the HERVASA website was launched with info on places to retire as well as information regarding questions to ask when looking for a Retirement Development. See our Resource Centre

HERVASA specializes in the placement of the retired person within a development at the most suitable cost. This could be a Housing Estate, Retirement Village, Assisted Living Village, Healthcare development or a combination structured village. We will find the best home for our clients at what structure is most suited, for example the purchase of a unit with a levy that includes specific services, a rental structure or a daily rate structure for a specific time period.

The procedure that is followed when we are contacted by a retired person is to analyse their situation and financial status so that on moving to a specific development they have peace of mind knowing they will be happy and financially secure for a number of years. Our charges are based on a placement fee or if the client owns residential property and he offers our Property division the right to sell it on their behalf, then we waver the placement fee.

We have accredited suppliers that will assist you with any services you may require, be it painting, gardening, furniture removals, storage etc. so that the move to a new home is stress free.

HERVASA’S aim is to have all retirement villages, old age homes, healthcare’s, assisted living developments become a full member with a set of operational standards and ethics. This will in turn benefit the managers of such developments and give them access to training and a resource centre hosted on our website which will assist them with their daily responsibilities.

The members will benefit by having access to a resource centre on our website where all specialised issues and information that would assist them in managing their development are available. For example human resources, legislation, catering, housekeeping, nursing, sales within developments, financial services, insurance, security information and lots more. Each specialised area is managed by our board member who specialises in that field. We also offer specialised management contracts within these specific fields so that the owners can concentrate on their core business. Our Member developments will also be marketed on our website for local and international clientele to view. Any units available for sale within the development will also be marketed on our website. We currently have a large listing of clients especially International Senior citizens wanting to be placed in various types of developments within South Africa. The member villages will be contacted, if they are found suitable for our clients’ needs and then a placement process is followed with our client.